The Amaze Brush


So many uses...

Horse lovers

Removes with ease, horse hair from numnahs, horse blankets, furnishings and clothes.


Fantastic for removing pilling and pet hair from soft furnishings.

Rejuvenate clothing

Great for restoring clothing to their original condition.

Car valeting

Used by car valeters for the removal of pet hair and pilling from car seats and carpets.

Wool balls

Wool balls are easily removed from all woolen garments and jackets.

Pet owner's best friend

Excellent for general use around the household and a must have product for all pet owners.

Be Amazed...

Say a big hello to The Amaze Brush! In fact, our favourite saying to our customers is not only do you need an Amaze Brush, you definitely deserve one!

For many years, horse hair has proven to be a constant problem for horse owners throughout the UK, whether it be on numnahs, horse blankets, furnishings or clothes. The hair can be a nightmare to remove. It can also cause damage to your washing machines.

I’m pleased to introduce you to an easy solution to all these problems.

The Amaze Brush

Originally designed in the early 90’s, it has become a must have product for not only horse lovers but animal and pet owners in general. It also has the added advantage of being a fantastic pilling remover from just about any fabric, rugs and soft furnishing, hence it is also popular with dry cleaners and car valet.


Dublin horse show 2017

We have been exhibiting at some of the biggest horse shows now for many years, including Badminton, HOYS, Olympia, Burghley, Dublin and many more. We have enjoyed great success with our sales with extremely positive feedback from our very happy costumers.

Vacuum cleaners amongst other types of products including brushes tend only to pick up the loose hair on the surface of different types of fabrics, but, as we all know the problem with horse hair, or in fact, most animal hair, is that the hair itself gets well embedded deep into the fabrics becoming really difficult if not seemly impossible to remove.

Well, I’m pleased to say not anymore!

Great on carpets and rugs

Ergonomically designed and simple to use, The Amaze Brush helps to bring back your numnahs, horse blankets and clothing to life by removing the hairs and pilling with ease while also maybe saving a washing machine or two. The padded surface on the amaze brush features thousands of little teeth that hook onto tough to remove hairs and pilling. Another feature of the product is no batteries required!

And when the pads wear out they are easily replaced by self-adhesive refills so we are pleased to say the Amaze Brush is a one-off purchase. The pads have a long lifespan, having only to be replaced every one to three years, depending on usage. This makes the Amaze Brush a very shrewd investment indeed.

Sponsorship News

Amaze Brush Brand Ambassador Alison Fryer

We are proud to announce that Grade III Para-Dressage rider Alison Fryer is our official Brand Ambassador! During birth, Alison had a mild stroke resulting in her right side being significantly weaker than her left (right side Hemiplegia), making her asymmetrical. 

This is particularly difficult when dressage’s focus is on precision, accuracy and evenness throughout. Despite these challenges, Alison completed a Sociology degree in Innsbruck, Austria and she now lives back in Wiltshire close to her family, horses and works full-time in analytics.

"It's a constant juggling act between work and training but I wouldn’t have it any other way" says Alison "I have two horses; Boris, who is on loan to me from Ali Byrne and Sandy, who I own. I have only been riding Sandy since February 2018, and in a relatively short time we have been selected and competed as part of the British Dressage South West team at the Para Home Internationals. We have also qualified for both the Bronze and Silver Para Summer Championships at the end of August 2018" she continued.

We wish Alison every success, she's a true inspiration, and we're delighted that she agreed to be our Brand Ambassador.

Good luck Alison!

You can follow Alison's journey here

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27 to 28 May 2018

Highclere Country Show

Stand: Heart of England Marquee Isle 4 B

31 May to 3 Jun 2018

13 to 17 Jun 2018

21 to 24 Jun 2018

The Royal Highland Show

Stand: Main Horse arena

10 to 12 Jul 2018

The Great Yorkshire Show

Stand: Heart of England Marquee

1 to 2 Aug 2018

5 to 6 Aug 2018

8 to 12 Aug 2018

The Dublin Horse Show

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23 to 26 Aug 2018

The Blair Horse Show

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30 Aug to 2 Sep 2018

The Burghley Horse Show

Stand: The World of The Horse Marquee

31 Aug to 2 Sep 2018

The Chatsworth Country Fair

Stand: Heart of England Marquee

8 to 9 Sep 2018

13 to 16 Sep 2018

The Blenheim Horse Show

Stand: Main Aisle

29 to 30 Sep 2018

The Malvern Autumn Show

Stand: Heart of England Marquee

3 to 7 Oct 2018

11 to 14 Oct 2018

16 to 21 Oct 2018

26 to 29 Oct 2018

8 to 11 Nov 2018

17 to 23 Dec 2018

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The Amaze Brush demonstration

While at Badminton Horse Trials 2018, founder John Thomson walks us through the incredible results attained by The Amaze Brush at his stand.

The equestrian product of the year

Product specialist Tayce Lee explains why the Amaze Brush is the horse owners best friend

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