Say a big hello to the AmazeBrush!

For many years, horse hair has proven to be a constant problem for horse owners throughout the UK, whether it be on numnahs, horse blankets, furnishings or clothes*. The hair can be a nightmare to remove. It can also cause damage to your washing machines.

I’m pleased to introduce you to an easy solution to all these problems. The AMAZEbrush

The AMAZEbrush has become a must-have product for not only horse lovers but animal and pet owners in general. AmazeBrush also has the added advantage of being a fantastic pilling remover from just about any fabric, rugs and soft furnishing, hence it is also popular with dry cleaners and car valet.

*NOT TO BE USED ON SILK, LYCRA, MESH, LACE OR DENIM Any doubts do a test run on the inside, otherwise you will love our product along with thousands of other satisfied customers!

  • Horse lovers

    Removes with ease, horse hair from numnahs, horse blankets, furnishings and clothes.

  • Furnishings

    Fantastic for removing pilling and pet hair from soft furnishings.

  • Rejuvenate clothing

    Great for restoring clothing to their original condition.

  • Wool balls

    Wool balls are easily removed from all woolen garments and jackets.

  • Pet owner's best friend

    Excellent for general use around the household and a must have product for all pet owners.

  • Car valeting

    Used by car valeters for the removal of pet hair and pilling from car seats and carpets.

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